Saturday, November 28, 2009

Beijing University of Technology

The Beijing University of Technology - Engineering Program for International Students (EPIS) is an education program that provides engineering project design, or research, courses in English and other various fields of engineering specialty, as well as Chinese language and culture courses. It is designed for all students and faculty who are interested in designing engineering programs and research activities in China. more details :
We endeavor to bring together students from all over the world to promote exchange with BJUT students, deepen their understanding of engineering in China and Chinese language and culture through this program, and to produce people active in the international engineering arena. We also hope that the students will be motivated after EPIS program to continue either to do a research with professors at BJUT or to come again to study, pursuing a higher degree at BJUT or a university in China.
Applicants to the EPIS program must satisfy the following requirements.
Students must be full-time engineering undergraduates who have completed their second year or full-time engineering graduate students.
Students should have enough English ability to meet criteria of the program.
Students should be healthy both mentally and physically.
Students should be financially capable of supporting him/herself in China. more details :


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Beijing University of Technology has become a base for cultivating qualified high-level personnel, for scientific and technological innovation and for research and development. The most achievements is mainly focused on the engineering research and education. Thanks a lot...

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