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Lund university

Lund university was founded in 1666. Today it is an international centre for research and education that has approximately 38 000 students. Lund University is respected as one of the best universities in Sweden.
Lund has an excellent academic reputation with a large number of visiting professors and international students.
Lund University is in the city of Lund, which is in Southern Sweden. This part of Sweden is close to Denmark. Sweden is in Northern Europe, with easy access to all major European cities.Lund University offers the following education in english:
300 Single subject courses 50 Master's Programmes 1 Bachelor Programme Ph.D. studies and post graduate research
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Mechanical Engineering china

Tsinghua UniversityIt covers 105 staff members worked in the department, including 25 full professors and 30 associate professors. There are more than 10 state-level on-going projects, and more than 50 provincial or ministerial level projects, and more than 100 significant engineering and military projects. Shanghai Jiaotong UniversityWith 4 national key academic disciplines, 14 Ph.D programs, 13 master-degree programs, and 6 undergraduate programs, it has a capacity of one State Key Laboratory, one Ministry of Education Key Laboratory, one Solar Power and Refrigeration Engineering Research Center, and two Shanghai Key Laboratories. Zhejiang UniversityIt possesses 2 national key laboratories, 2 national engineering research centers, 2 national bases for teaching basic engineering courses and 3 post-doctorate stations. It offers 4 Bachelor's degree programs, 15 Master's degree programs, 15 Ph.D. programs. It has undertaken more than 100 projects of scientific research. Chongqing UniversityNow the school houses 6 departments, 3 specialties, 6 research institutes, 6 doctoral programs, 9 master degree programs, 1 post-doctoral program, 1 state key laboratory, 1 state-level teaching base for mechanical basic course and 1 province-level key laboratory. Huazhong University of Science and TechnologyIt offers 2 Bachelor's degree programs, 7 Master's degree programs, 4 Doctor's degree programs and 1 Post-Doctoral mobile station. It is home to key laboratories with over 450 microcomputers and working stations and a variety of equipment worth 25 millions Yuan. Xi’an Jiaotong UniversityThe school is undertaking more than 100 research projects. Some research projects have been awarded with national and provincial Scientific Advances Awards, international patents and China patents, and some technologies have been commercialized. Jilin UniversityFounded in 2000, it covers 2 mobile post-doctoral stations, 5 doctoral stations and 7 master stations. It has completed many National Natural Science Foundation projects, national 'Project 863' as well as provincial and ministerial research projects with over 60 scientific achievements and 18 awards for invention. Dalian University of TechnologyThe school has 9 institutes, 2 teaching & research Sections, and 6 laboratories. The school has a post-doctoral mobile station and the first level discipline Ph. D program, covering 7 second-level disciplines, 7 Master program disciplines, and 4 undergraduate programs. Yanshan UniversityIt has a capacity of 2 first-class doctoral stations, 2 post-doctoral stations, 7 second-class doctoral stations, 8 master stations and 3 authorized fields of engineering masters. Besides, it also covers 1 key laboratory of National Defense, 1 research center of teaching engineering, and 4 key laboratories of China Mechanical Industry. Shandong UniversityCurrently, it has a capacity of 1 mobile post-doctoral station, 1 first-level doctoral program, 4 second-level doctoral programs, 8 master programs, and 4 undergraduate programs. In the past five years, accomplishments achieved so far include over 450 national/provincial/ministerial level research projects, over 2,000 academic articles, and over 50 national and provincial/ministerial awards.
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Beijing University of Technology

The Beijing University of Technology - Engineering Program for International Students (EPIS) is an education program that provides engineering project design, or research, courses in English and other various fields of engineering specialty, as well as Chinese language and culture courses. It is designed for all students and faculty who are interested in designing engineering programs and research activities in China. more details :
We endeavor to bring together students from all over the world to promote exchange with BJUT students, deepen their understanding of engineering in China and Chinese language and culture through this program, and to produce people active in the international engineering arena. We also hope that the students will be motivated after EPIS program to continue either to do a research with professors at BJUT or to come again to study, pursuing a higher degree at BJUT or a university in China.
Applicants to the EPIS program must satisfy the following requirements.
Students must be full-time engineering undergraduates who have completed their second year or full-time engineering graduate students.
Students should have enough English ability to meet criteria of the program.
Students should be healthy both mentally and physically.
Students should be financially capable of supporting him/herself in China. more details :

Zhejiang Medical University

Zhejiang Medical University is one of the top ranking Universities in China located in Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang province. Zhejiang is considered as the most beautiful place in china. "Above is heaven, below is Hangzhou" is a famous Chinese saying that can pretty well describe this place! It is a heaven on earth!.
Being one among the top 10 Universities Zhejiang Medical University is one among its kind offering MBBS course in English Medium with its International Standards and uncomparable atmosphere which attracts most of the International Students from Countries like India, USA, UK, UAE, Pakistan, etc...Because of its Unique curriculum which is based on the syllabus of Medical Council of India, Zhejiang Medical University is preferred by the students from India who are provided with seperate classrooms and other facilities like food and hostel. The University also offers training for USMLE and PLAB exams enabling the students to practice in USA and UK. more details

Dental education in china

Since the second world war, dentistry has undergone momentous changes, not only in clinical and mechanical developments but also in changes in people’s perceptions of what care their dentist can offer them. Dental graduates today will be surprised at the great difference between their own education and that of their 1946 counterparts. The Chinese dental education system has also undergone major changes over the past three decades. A number of international approaches have been adopted for the modification of the dental curriculum; much emphasis had been placed on oral pathology, oral medicine and maxillofacial surgery, etc in the curriculum of Stomatology in Chinese dental schools. more information

Study Engineering in China

Engineering in China is becoming popular after medical programs in China for international students, the programs field taught in English is getting more and more wide, like Electronic Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Telecom Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Architecture, Software Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Industry Engineering, Material Science and Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Marine Engineering and Navigation Technology
Implement the policies of reform and opening to the outside world in China, the scale of foreign student come to China is expanding constantly. Statistics of Ministry of Education reveal, the increasing degree of the quantity More information :

Anhui University of TCM

Anhui University Founded in 19282. Government owned, comprehensive university3. Key university under the jurisdiction of Anhui Provincial Government4. One of the 100 universities under "211 project", a state project to develop higher education in china 5. Authorized by the Ministry of Education to enroll international students in early 1980’s6. international cooperation and exchange program with 84 overseas universities by far7. Designated by the Ministry of Education to accept international students who are granted with Chinese government scholarship 8. Designated by Overseas Chinese Affairs Office under the State Council as the base for Overseas Chinese Language Education & Training
Brief Introduction:Anhui University, the key comprehensive provincial institution, is located in Hefei, the beautiful capital city of Anhui Province. Founded in 1928 in Anqing and moved to Hefei in 1958, Anhui University is now a well developed higher institution supported by the government under the State 211 Project.The main campus covers an area of about 55 hectares, two branch campuses 30 hectares and the new campus is 135 hectares. Its library has a collection of more than 1.75 million books and over 7000 Chinese and foreign periodicals, and it is equipped with a campus computer network. The University consists of 18 schools, 44 departments, 65 undergraduate specialties,119 master degree programs, 16 PH.D. programs, and 1 Post-doctor’s scientific research flow work station, 4 professional master degree programs, and 2 state-level disciplines, 12 provincial-level disciplines. The University has a staff of 2399, among which 210 are professors and 490 associate professors. The student population totals 28143, in addition to 6466 adult students.The university attaches great importance to international exchange and cooperation. Now, it has entered into agreements with 74 overseas institutions. It began to accept foreign students in 1980. It is authorized by the Ministry of Education to enroll international students who enjoy Chinese government’s scholarships. It was designated by Overseas Chinese Affairs Office under the State Council the Teaching Base for Chinese Language and Culture in 2000. Up to date, more than 700 international students from Asia, American and Europe have been admitted to study at the university.Anhui Province is rich in natural scenic spots and historic places of interests, such as, Mount Huangshan, listed by UNESCO as natural and cultural heritage and ancient folk houses in Xidi and Hongcun villages as cultural heritage; Mount Jiuhua, one of the four Buddhist shines; Mount Qiyun, one of the four Taoist shrines. With Yangzhi River and Huaihe River across Anhui province and with a galaxy of men of letters, Anhui has been famous for its rich and colorful local culture, especially, Hui culture in Southern Anhui and Huaihe culture in Northern Anhui.

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International Cooperation: Central Washington University (USA)San Diego State University (Japan)Aalborg University (Denmark)Victoria University Of Technology (Australia)Duksung University (Korea)Middlesex University (Britain)De La Salle University-Dasmarinas (Philippine)University de Valle (Colombia)National Orel University (Russia)Temasek Polytechnic (Singapore)Germany-China Center (Germany)Cairo University (Egypt)Alberta Center for International Education (Canada)The University of France-Comte (France)University Of Santo Tomas (Chile)The University of Waikato (New Zealand)Stockholm University (Sweden)Ho Chi Minh City University of Pedagogy (Vietnam)National University of LA PAMPA (Argentina)Kharkiv national V.N. Karazin University (Ukraine)Christian University of Thailand (Thailand)

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Wenzhou Medical College - China

Why study in WMC:
1. Recognized by WHO, CMC & CSC. 2. Authorized to enroll international students and began English medium program since 1999 3. Fully English Medium classes. 4. Syllabus entirely based on International standard. 5. Government owned , top 10 in china and highly reputed worldwide. 6. 10 In-house hospitals. 7. Internship in student’s home country. or China 8. Multinational students body with American, Canada , Australian, Japanese, Korean ,South Asian & EU students. 9. Located in the famous international city-Wenzhou, which is one of top 10 most vigor cities in china 10. Scholarship is also available. 11. Eligible to appear USMLE, PLAB AND INIDA SCREENING TEST, etc.12. BDS Program cooperate with Dental College of LOMA LINDA UNIVERSITY, USA

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Brief Introduction:
Wenzhou Medical College (WMC), rooted from Zhejiang Medical School in 1912, is a public institution of higher learning directly under Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Education. It is located in Wenzhou, a southeast coastal city with 40-minutes flight from metropolitan Shanghai. Wenzhou is a place where you can enjoy pleasant climate, charming scenery and exciting life. Wenzhou Medical College is composed of three campuses, located respectively at Xueyuan Road, Xiushan and Chashan, covering an area of 73 ha. (=1100 mu) with a building floor of 180,000 m2. The school library has a collection of 700,000 books and 1100 categories of periodicals either in Chinese or foreign languages. Subordinate to WMC are 6 institutes, 1 experimental animal center, 10 affiliated hospitals totaling 7,000 odd beds, 46 teaching hospitals or hospitals for clinical internships. 15 centers of Laboratory, among them 3 are Key Laboratories of Ministerial level Involving branches of medicine, science, engineering, liberal arts, laws and management, Wenzhou Medical College offers 26 5-year Bachelor’s degree programs, a 7-year program leading to Master’s degree, 1 joint doctorate program and 3 doctorate programs. Now it has over 12,000 undergraduates and nearly 700 postgraduates. Of more than 1,000 faculty, odd 550 have professorships or the equivalent academic titles. From 2006, Wenzhou Medical College was authorized to confer doctorate degrees in Ophthalmology, Surgery and Gynecology. Wenzhou Medical College is one of the first institutions authorized by the State Council to confer Master’s degree. It offers 15 Master’s degrees now in Ophthalmology & Optometry, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, Pharmacology, Gynecology & Obstetrics, Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics, Anesthesia, Pathology and Physiology, Integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine & West Medicine, etc. The Program of Ophthalmology & Optometry is the first one established in China to train optometric professionals with medical background. Given their distinguished achievements in the optometric development, Ministry of Public Health of China based its first and only national Center of Optometry Research in WMC. A Sino-U.S. joint program for Doctorate of Optometry is now under way. In recent years Wenzhou Medical College has been very active in academic exchanges and friendly visits with other countries and regions. Intercollegiate relationships have been established with New England College of Optometry U.S.A., Pacific University U.S.A., University of Queensland Australia, Burapha University Thailand, Miyazaki Medical College Japan, Medical College China, Karl-Franzens University Graz Austria, Sun Yat-sen Medical University Taiwan, etc. Since 1999, WMC was authorized to enroll overseas students and open English medium program.
International Cooperation:
New England College of Optometry(USA)University of Texas(USA)University of Washingtom(USA)Pacific American University(USA)University of Houston(USA)University of California, Berkeley(USA)Mount Sinai School of Medicine(USA)LOMA LINDA UNIVERSITY(USA)University of Queensland(Australia)Deakin University (Australia)University of New South Wales(Australia)University of Ottawa( Canada)Canadian Orthopedic Foundation(Canada)University of Manchester(UK)MIYAZAKI Medical University(Japan)Aravind Eye Care System( India)Special Olympics

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