Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mechanical Engineering china

Tsinghua UniversityIt covers 105 staff members worked in the department, including 25 full professors and 30 associate professors. There are more than 10 state-level on-going projects, and more than 50 provincial or ministerial level projects, and more than 100 significant engineering and military projects. Shanghai Jiaotong UniversityWith 4 national key academic disciplines, 14 Ph.D programs, 13 master-degree programs, and 6 undergraduate programs, it has a capacity of one State Key Laboratory, one Ministry of Education Key Laboratory, one Solar Power and Refrigeration Engineering Research Center, and two Shanghai Key Laboratories. Zhejiang UniversityIt possesses 2 national key laboratories, 2 national engineering research centers, 2 national bases for teaching basic engineering courses and 3 post-doctorate stations. It offers 4 Bachelor's degree programs, 15 Master's degree programs, 15 Ph.D. programs. It has undertaken more than 100 projects of scientific research. Chongqing UniversityNow the school houses 6 departments, 3 specialties, 6 research institutes, 6 doctoral programs, 9 master degree programs, 1 post-doctoral program, 1 state key laboratory, 1 state-level teaching base for mechanical basic course and 1 province-level key laboratory. Huazhong University of Science and TechnologyIt offers 2 Bachelor's degree programs, 7 Master's degree programs, 4 Doctor's degree programs and 1 Post-Doctoral mobile station. It is home to key laboratories with over 450 microcomputers and working stations and a variety of equipment worth 25 millions Yuan. Xi’an Jiaotong UniversityThe school is undertaking more than 100 research projects. Some research projects have been awarded with national and provincial Scientific Advances Awards, international patents and China patents, and some technologies have been commercialized. Jilin UniversityFounded in 2000, it covers 2 mobile post-doctoral stations, 5 doctoral stations and 7 master stations. It has completed many National Natural Science Foundation projects, national 'Project 863' as well as provincial and ministerial research projects with over 60 scientific achievements and 18 awards for invention. Dalian University of TechnologyThe school has 9 institutes, 2 teaching & research Sections, and 6 laboratories. The school has a post-doctoral mobile station and the first level discipline Ph. D program, covering 7 second-level disciplines, 7 Master program disciplines, and 4 undergraduate programs. Yanshan UniversityIt has a capacity of 2 first-class doctoral stations, 2 post-doctoral stations, 7 second-class doctoral stations, 8 master stations and 3 authorized fields of engineering masters. Besides, it also covers 1 key laboratory of National Defense, 1 research center of teaching engineering, and 4 key laboratories of China Mechanical Industry. Shandong UniversityCurrently, it has a capacity of 1 mobile post-doctoral station, 1 first-level doctoral program, 4 second-level doctoral programs, 8 master programs, and 4 undergraduate programs. In the past five years, accomplishments achieved so far include over 450 national/provincial/ministerial level research projects, over 2,000 academic articles, and over 50 national and provincial/ministerial awards.
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