Thursday, September 17, 2009

China Universities

List of Universities in China - For batter education

1st Military Medical University 2nd Military Medical University 3rd Military Medical University 4th Military Medical University Agricultural University of Hebei Anhui Education and Research Network Anhui Normal University Anhui University Anhui University of Science and Technology .. batter you visit this site where you found full details about how to study in China

Education system China

China has adopted a nine-year compulsory schooling system, which means all children are required to attend school for at least nine years. Students have to complete both the primary school program and the junior middle-school program. Higher education is only for those students who have passed examinations of all levels. Student must pass the entrance examination for senior middle schools or middle-level technical schools. After two, three or four years, they have to go through national college entrance examination for admission to universities. Pre-school Education Children aged from 3 to 6 will attend kindergartens near their neighborhoods, where they learn the basics of the native language and subjects. They play games, dance, sing and act. Children are taught from the early year the values of Truth, Kindness and Beauty.
Chinese take children education very seriously since they know that a person's personality is mould in the early childhood. more details :